Land of Barry is the result of a joke at a pub quiz that got out of hand. To date, the underwhelming adventures of Barry and Oscar have been covered across 4 episodes of a webseries, an advent calendar no one paid attention to, a semi-regular podcast that hasn't even hit double digits in listenership, and a radio show that didn't even last 4 months.


    However, hot off the festival run of their short film "Traitor To The King" in London and Istanbul, which starred Bruce Langley, one of the leads in the upcoming American Gods series on Starz, the creative team have shot their next project in association with Shadowcam! More details to follow later this year...

  • The Story So Far...

    "The United States of Barry", our next adventure, is coming Christmas 2016!

  • The Hunt for McGuffin's Gold

    Land of Barry's feature-length adventure, starring Bruce Langley, one of the leads in the upcoming American Gods series from Starz. Featuring the prologue "Traitor To The King", which was part of the official selection at the South West London International Film Festival and shortlisted at the Kisakes Film Festival in Istanbul.

  • Soundtrack

    Enjoy listening to the official soundtrack, composed by Alex Ling.

  • Videos

    Watch every underwhelming episode of the "Land of Barry" series!

  • The Barrycasts

    Listen to the semi-regular musings of Barry, Oscar & Ed

  • 2014 Advent Calendarry

    Relive the most disappointing event of the 2014 festive season with Land of Barry's Advent Calendarry!

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    Want to know more about Land of Barry? Got Press Enquiries about McGuffin's Gold, Traitor To The King, or our new project with Shadowcam? Get in touch with the filmmakers using the contact form below!